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The first risk report based on the cyber threat intelligence requirements of each organization


The Hakdefnet Risk Intelligence Report is a CISO’s fundamental tool for protecting valuable infrastructures, private data, and business operations against destabilizing industrial spying, corporate spying, warfare and crime attackers. Combining information from multiple sources and building correlations between them, assessing both structured and unstructured formats, this cyber threat intelligence report provides insights about potential cyber risks to the safety of an organization and its resources. Using a customer-centric approach, the Hakdefnet team puts at the core of the Risk Intelligence Report the belief that different organizations require different intelligence data and vulnerability research capabilities due to the kind of business they are dealing with, their size, and the financial budget allocated for their cybersecurity defense.

The Hakdefnet Risk Intelligence Report helps CTOs and CIOs build strong business cases for effective security investments and data cyber defense.

Some of the powerful benefits include:

01. New potential cyber risks and threats assessments based on specific organizations’ intelligence profile

02. Flexibility in searching for new cyber risks

03. Cyber risk and threat data identified through Hakdefnet’s unique vulnerability research & analysis innovative technology (Darknet & Open)

04. One-time reports and .csv files for cyber defense teams to get updates on a regular basis with annual subscriptions