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Pen Testing

Our comprehensive Penetration Testing services are designed to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and networks, provide actionable insights, and improve your organization's overall security posture. Using the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), we perform comprehensive and methodical penetration tests to ensure your organization's digital assets are secured against cyber threats.

Our Pen Testing Services

Simple Penetration Testing:

Our Simple Penetration Testing service is designed for small businesses or organizations that require a basic level of security assessment. It provides an understanding of your system’s visible vulnerabilities and potential security weaknesses.

Example: This might involve running automated scans to discover vulnerabilities in your public-facing web applications and network services. It’s a cost-effective way to get a quick snapshot of your security posture and understand where you may be exposed.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Our Advanced Penetration Testing service offers a deeper and more exhaustive analysis of your security stance. It leverages manual testing techniques and sophisticated tools to detect complex security issues often missed in a basic penetration test.

Example: This could involve conducting an in-depth examination of your web applications, databases, internal networks, and even employee security awareness through methods such as social engineering. For instance, a tester might exploit known vulnerabilities in a specific web application to gain unauthorized access or examine how practical your staff is against phishing attempts.

Do Whatever it Takes Penetration Testing.

Our most comprehensive offering, the Do Whatever it Takes Penetration Testing service, uses a multi-layered approach and simulates real-world attacks to identify critical vulnerabilities and test the organization’s security resilience.

Example: This might involve multi-vector attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT) simulations, and even physical penetration testing if necessary. For instance, we might combine digital techniques with physical access, like attempting to gain physical access to a server room or planting a rogue device on your network.

All our penetration testing services follow the stages outlined in the PTES, including:

Intelligence Gathering:

Collection of publicly available information or any data that could be useful during the testing process.

Threat Modeling:

Identifying potential threat agents, methods of attack, and what areas could be affected.

Vulnerability Analysis:

Identifying potential paths of attack and vulnerabilities in the system.


Attempting to compromise the system using identified vulnerabilities.

Post Exploitation

Determining the value of the compromised machine and maintaining control for later use.


Detailed documentation of methods used, vulnerabilities found, data exploited, and recommendations for remediation.

By leveraging these services, your organization can identify and address vulnerabilities, enhance security measures, and build a more secure environment.

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