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Cyber threat intelligence services

We make cybersecurity easy to understand and turn data into actionable intelligence

To accomplish our core mission – protecting people, nations, societies and the world against destabilizing cyber espionage, warfare, and crime attackers – we’ve dedicated our time and energy to developing innovative cybersecurity products and services for our clients and partners. Today, we are proud of what we achieved and ready to help anyone looking to enhance their cyber resilience. 

Our services in numbers

IT Risks Monitored
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At-Risk Assets detected
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Hacked Emails discovered
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Threats detected every day
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Hakdefnet core competencies

Threat and Risk profiling and detection

IOT and cyber threat detection 

Malware discovery and analysis

Cyber Espionage detection

Additional Services that you can get with our virtual Chief Security Officer

Darknet Shops, Groups and Activities 

Discovering Website, Application, Smartphone
and Device Trackers

More proactive measures, enhanced security

Cybersecurity Consulting

Anytime, anywhere, we work to increase your resilience against cyber threats

Risk Intelligence Analyst

Strategic and Proactive Security Approach with a dedicated Cyber Specialist

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