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Risk Intelligence Analyst

Strategic and Proactive Security Approach with a dedicated Cyber Specialist

Risk Intelligence is part of a strategic security approach. It enables organizations and individuals to learn about the risks they face before they become immediate threats. Due to gathering valuable information, also called actionable intelligence, there is more time to prevent these risks from turning into threats or, if that is not possible for some reason, to build respective preventive measures.

Risk Intelligence made easy

Our Risk Intelligence finds and detects threats and risks that standard anti-viruses and simple firewalls cannot. The latest IT and infrastructure risk research and continuous development go into improving our technologies continually. Recent attacks and newer risks feed into a continuously learning system. With Risk Intelligence, a multitude of common threats like black holes, drive-by-downloads, or known exploits can be detected, as well as alerting you to breached accounts and leaked credentials.

Finding new attack vectors and bringing those to your attention before they become a problem is one of the critical values of any of our Risk Intelligence solutions.

Rick Intelligence Analyst: turning data into meaningful and actionable insights

Unfortunately, finding threats on the internet has become an easy task due to the number of bad actors and vulnerable systems that are online. The actual difficulty lies in interpreting the various risks and threats and using that data to add value. Instead of providing just the dots, a trained and certified Risk Intelligence Investigator will analyze and connect those dots and make sure that those data points are meaningful to your organization. We will ensure that these data points turn into meaningful, actionable intelligence and discuss findings with appropriate staff.

The Risk Intelligence Analyst as a service offers the following:

Can assess new potential risks and threats to you or your company

Is flexible and fast for searching for unknown risks

Provides risk/threat data through our unique analysis and searching technology

Provide reports and CSV files to teams and gets updates with a subscription

Provides recommendations and actions based on findings reports

Provides additional SOC monitoring and other remote services as needed to take action against potential attackers

Multi-dimensional Risk Intelligence Process with Hakdefnet

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