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Newest release:

19th of January 2019

This episode talks about Troy Hunts announcement (see here) of a megabreach, the lessons learned from that and how to resolve some of the issues related to security. (ZenSecS2 EP2) Guest speakers: Stefan Hager, Sciatic Nerd

Series 2 of 2019 Podcasts:

12th of January 2019

We talk about the importance of basics like ITIL as a basis for secure design and other aspects of security processes (ZenSecS2 EP1)

Series 1 of 2018 Podcasts:

20th of December 2019

Are they legitimate and how far should they go recording information on systems (ZenSecEp2 P2)

18th of December 2019

Focused around making sense of security, cybersecurity and risk intelligence (ZenSec Ep1 – 12 – 18)