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DNS analyzer

The Hakdefnet DNS Analyzer application gives real-time streams of data on potential domain, IPs and threat intelligence risks, allowing cyber defense teams to proactively identify trends and investigate suspicious activities.

Why is DNS Threat Intelligence monitoring important for your cyber defense strategy?


DNS is the medium used for communication during concerted cyberattacks


It is a powerful way to identify security attacks as they happen


Spot potential DNS abuse that get past other defenses


Detect and prevent DNS hijacking, DNS poisoning, or DNS redirection

The DNS Threat Intelligence solution for efficient threat operations and management

IP threat intelligence

Security Intelligence Feeds

Open Source threat Intelligence Feeds

DNS Analyzer for valuable infrastructures


starting at

€ 500

per year

Hakdefnet DNS analyzer is a subscription-based DNS traffic monitoring service that helps Cyber Defense Teams identify abnormal behavior or malicious domain usage.

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DNS Threat Analyzer?

Intelligence innovation that guarantees the Hakdefnet DNS Analyzer identifies cyber risks and threats that other solutions can’t.

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