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Cyber Risk and Threat Intelligence Engine and Platform

The first customizable and flexible Cyber Risk and Threat Intelligence Engine and Platform

CyberNSight is a cyber risk & cyber security intelligence solution that puts the Risk-Assessment at the forefront of any initiative to protect public or private organizations against unknown attacks. CyberNSight finds and detects threats and cyber risks that standard antiviruses and simple firewalls cannot. It provides CISOs and security decision-makers worldwide with business risk intelligence and cyber security intelligence to understand better how to protect their organizations against cyber risks.

OSINT Threat Intelligence - CyberNsight uses open source threat intelligence feeds to help CISO prevent destabilizing industrial espionage, corporate espionage, warfare, and crime attackers.

CyberNSight’s unique Risk Intelligence Engine is responsible for finding, classifying, and understanding emerging cyber risks. It collects data, classifies, analyzes, and qualifies it so that those immediate risks that are important are communicated and reported.

CyberNsight is not just another cyber security tool. It is a Business Risk Intelligence solution

H-OSINT shows the resulting analysis of which risks are relevant based on your organizations’ assets and the level of risk those assets currently have. Risks can include customer data, servers, smartphones, accounts, company information, and attacks currently being planned or sold on the Darknet or monitored groups.

Asset Management

What are we protecting, where is it, who owns it?

Threat Management

What Threats are out there and how are they relevant to me?

Cyber Risk Management

What threats pose a Cyber Risk to your assets, in which countries or locations?

Forensics / Prediction / Data Science

Collecting evidence about what happens, where, how through whom and why.


Uses risk intelligence skills to detect, find, and analyze attacks. Learn from attacks, predict possible trends, and new clusters of threats and cyber risks in the future

Actionable Intelligence

Using all modern science and information collection procedures possible while remain easy to understand.

What threats and cyber risks does CyberNSight detect, find or recognize?

CyberNSight detects all the common or relevant threats and risks like blackholes, drive-by-downloads, Trojans, malware, viruses, known exploits, phishing attacks, and breached accounts.

Included modules

Social Media
Real Time Analyzer
Probabilistic Risk Analysis
(Bayesian Algorithm)
Critical Threats
and Vulnerabilities

Real-Time Threat and Risk Feeds Integration API

CyberNSight helps CISOs and business leaders prepare for the unpredicted

With CyberNSight, business decision makers, CIOs, CISOs and federal chief information security officers make faster and targeted decisions, changing their performance in combating and detecting cyber risks, attacks, and threats from reactive to proactive. CyberNSight’s continuously learning system offers the best protection against damages resulting from compromised data when security leaders don’t know the attacker.

Reduces cyber defense Human Resources costs

CyberNSight replaces the effort of an entire team of 25 to 30 people for intelligence collection.

Makes cyber risks understandable for all your team

CyberNSight gathers in one central place all the information that an analyst or cyber researcher needs about trends, relevant threats, and risks

Speeds up Darknet intelligence collection

CyberNSight helps organizations decrease with up to 90% the time spent on Darknet intelligence collection

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