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Our Cyber Defense Products

Our cyber defense products are led by our mission to protect people, nations, and organizations against destabilizing cyber espionage, warfare, corporate espionage and crime attackers. Our products use an intelligence innovation that guarantees they identify cyber risks and threats that other solutions can’t. They are designed not only to keep pace with the emerging cyber risks but anticipate them as well. Our cyber defense products use an innovative vulnerability research capability to help CIOs understand their organizations' threats and risks and help them proactively defend their critical infrastructures against future attacks. We use a customer-centric go-to-market strategy based on listening and thoroughly understanding our customers' security challenges, assisting them in defining their intelligence needs, and translating these needs to easy-to-understand and implement cyber defense products.

The Hakdefnet Risk Intelligence Report is a CISO’s fundamental tool for protecting valuable infrastructures, private data, and business operations against destabilizing industrial spying, corporate spying, warfare and crime attackers. Combining information from multiple sources and building correlations between them, assessing both structured and unstructured formats, this cyber threat intelligence report provides insights about potential cyber risks to the safety of an organization and its resources.

CyberNSight is a cyber risk & cyber security intelligence solution that puts the Risk-Assessment at the forefront of any initiative to protect public or private organizations against unknown attacks. CyberNSight finds and detects threats and cyber risks that standard antiviruses and simple firewalls cannot.

Virt-CISO is an innovative cyber defense product that acts as a Personal Virtual Information Security Officer. It identifies and mitigates evolving threats and attacks that continually knock on a person’s or a small businesses door, transcending the limited capabilities of standard firewalls and antivirus.

The Hakdefnet DNS Analyzer application gives real-time streams of data on potential domain, IPs and threat intelligence risks, allowing cyber defense teams to proactively identify trends and investigate suspicious activities.