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Hakdefnet Intelligence Academy

Growing the new generation of cyber risk and cyber threat intelligence experts

Professional Certifications – Security Community – Cyber Intelligence Leaders


Hakdefnet Intelligence Academy trains the new generation of security defenders, empowering them with intelligence skills to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks. Unlike other courses, we help our students develop real-life experiences so they can rapidly materialize into mid-level cyber roles. We make sure our students can use the new skills in various situations by guiding them throughout the whole educational process, form foundational courses and frameworks to advanced cyber topics and practical examinations.


Hakdefnet educational paradigm is unique, focusing on real-time cyber risk intelligence research and collection methods and engaging practical exercises for helping students identifying risks and threats faster.

Learn Cyber Risk Intelligence Anywhere

Learn about cyber risk intelligence from wherever you live or from any location you are on the road!

Build Vital Risk Intel Skills

Use our years of experience in risk intelligence research to learn new skills no one else currently has by using use cases to apply your knowledge from day one.

Use Intelligence data for action

Use extensive data feeds and your own research settings in CyberNsight to actually gather your own risk intelligence data and create your own data feed to help identify new and emerging threats and risks.

Hakdefnet offers a wide range of courses for building future cyber intelligence leaders, researchers, architects and auditors that are able to provide tangible protection for critical infrastructure, personal data and business operations!

Available Courses Certifications

  • Certified Advanced Cyber
  • Researcher
  • Certified OSINT Detective
  • HDN Certified CyberNSight
  • Cyber Detective
  • Certified Trainer
  • Certified Purple Unit

Oriented towards innovation and prevention, we guide your career path by preparing you for what’s next and for real-world threats. We desire to allow our students to grow besides excellent subject matter researchers and then give them the freedom to practice and share their particular understanding.

Digital Courses

Available Courses

Foundation – The basis of all training and experience in cyber defense. We explore and learn the common language, primary frameworks and challenges in security and operations.
Advanced – After completing the foundation training, we take one step closer to bringing our students to hands-on experiences to gain practical skills. Focused on use-cases and advanced security concepts, this is the road for our students to activate in real-life scenarios and get real-life experience.


ITIL Foundation
Introduction to Cyber Security
Log Management, SIEM, SOC Operations – Tools, Maturity
Cyber Health and Wellbeing in Today’s Business


OSINT For the Cyber Analyst Cyber Purple Unit Team Leader HDN Certified CyberNSight Analyst

Available Courses Certified Partners

  • HDN Certified Advanced Cyber
  • Researcher
  • Certified Cyber Auditor

 These courses are only for partners with sales and cybersecurity experience that have already completed the ITIL Foundation and Introduction to Cyber Security. All our partners participate in a special examination to make sure they have the additional skills that our customers need.

Attacks change, security tools change, attack technology changes, attackers’ methods, and groups change. Likewise, each company is different and has specific needs, and it has to adapt to the changing cyberspace landscape. We help organizations of all sizes educate their employees and reduce security incidents, guiding them in building the most suitable strategy for transforming their staff into their greatest cybersecurity asset.

On demand trainings

Customized intelligence trainings for your company’s needs!

Why is the Cyber Academy different than other training companies?

We use data, science, and experience of attacks and defenses and compare the results of over 25 years of implementation, research, and use cases to give every customer tangible results and value. We have found some of the most complex attackers and groups so far. We publish our research and share it with our partners for a better understanding of the data search process that they can afterward apply themselves!


We spent the last three years researching and analyzing all the threats and attacks out there, creating patterns and trends that can genuinely help people defend against the new attackers and technologies. By completing the Hakdefnet Intelligence Academy, your team will gain the knowledge needed to keep everyone safe!

Explore unique techniques for stopping critical attacks that can and may result in loss of freedoms and lives!

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