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Tool-E-Yo, Tool-E-Yo, Wherefore Art Thou Tool-E-Yo

Article from June 2017 The power of Awareness through Risk Intelligence and Recon is still widely unrecognized… We have had some pretty interesting discussions this week and also have some new customers that we will talk about at some later time. While on the road, many folks who do not do Intelligence or have been […]

Operation: House of Cards

Article from June 2017 World Wide Risk Update We are seeing a very advanced intrusion attempt and campaign going on on our website, systems and at some customers and friends (we also assume this is targeting multiple cyber security companies as well). It appears to be at the  Nation-State level and very good tools and attempts […]

Whats in a name:OPERATION DIAMOND EYES(NSA, ShadowBrokers; Wikileaks…)

Article form April 2017 “OPERATION DIAMOND EYES” It has now been a week since all the drama started on a recent attack who’s name I won’t mention anymore because its been milked by anyone and everyone in the “cyber” industry. Theories ranging from North Korea to Internal ruse attacks from national security agencies are out there […]

Hakdefnet Info (Russian/Ukrainian)

Article form April 2017 Я хотел приветствовать посетителей из России и Украины на этом сайте. Нашим основным языком является английский, но я надеюсь, вам понравится краткая информация о моей компании на вашем языке. HakDefNet (полное имя: the Hacker Defense Network). В наши дни многие люди ошибочно полагают, что существует лишь один тип хакера (криминальный). Хакинг […]

Ransom BeWare: Why Anti Virus can’t solve the Ransom Ware issue…

Article form April 2017 I know, I know, you all can not stand to hear yet another 1d10t talking about how they resolve all your issues and here is the update with new signatures and here is our $RandomMagicSolutionToSolveAllYourProblems comments. I said it before and I will say it again, resolving the issues of modern […]

Operation KRAKEN Strikes Again!

Lesen Sie diesen Artikel in Deutsch hier ~ Read this in German here. See also: “Operation KRAKEN” published in September 2018 Friday, 4th of January ~ When I presented at the Bundestag in Berlin on multiple occasions about cyber security, we gave them our information for free with a warning. That warning was that their […]

Ransomware’s Solution:The Blame Game doesn’t cut the mustard!

Article form April 2017 Everyone in “cyber” and “security” is now talking about how they could have stopped WannaCry and ransomware in general. Depending on which companies posts, updates and documents you read to this specific type of ransomware the reality is that MalwareHunterTeam (@malwrhunterteam) discovered and (@MalwareTechBlog) stopped WannaCry by accident (btw,awesome work guys!). After […]

Lessons Learned? from this week’s Ransomware

A few weeks ago we saw information leaked from known sources that no one really knows what their agenda is (disinformation, whistleblowing or a nation-state sponsored disruption campaign). Information was released about toolkits that certain Intelligence Agencies (supposedly in the USA) used to spy on all other countries. Among software there were also exploits in […]

FancyBear / APT38 Shenanigans

Since 2015 when we released our detailed reports along with our partners Soc Prime on BlackEnergy3+, the attacks on Ukraine Elections and the details of KillDisk, etc. The world was still a bit calm and attacks were not as complex as they now are. If you have been following us and me for a while […]

Mirai for the giggles…

In the last few days I stumbled across an interesting site called After getting a heads up from a fellow security researcher I decided to have a look and see what was in the domain and what it was all about. The Picture below shows an initial scan and keyword term analyzing of the […]