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Operation KRAKEN Strikes Again!

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See also: “Operation KRAKEN” published in September 2018

Friday, 4th of January ~ When I presented at the Bundestag in Berlin on multiple occasions about cyber security, we gave them our information for free with a warning. That warning was that their information and people were being watched by multiple nations, including the Russians and the other members of Operation KRAKEN.
As with many discussions we usually have, people think it’s about fear when it’s actually about waking them up to the facts of Hybrid Warfare and the Cyber World of Nation-State sponsored (Cr)hackers.

Hacker working on computer cyber crime

As OP KRAKEN evolved from its beginnings in 2015 Ukraine election attacks, so too do we see where this year is heading. In our podcast Zen Security we mentioned that this year will see a pickup in Hybrid Cyber Warfare and Espionage attacks by nations that seek to get more advantages from the targeted destabilization of main democracies.
This group has an agenda and its intent to use cyber weapons by weaponizing social media outlets as delivery systems and leveraging low-hanging-fruit-based attacks to plant false info, news, messages and engage in activities that specifically seek to destabilize every country that appears too strong or against their agenda.

Again our predictions come true faster than we had hoped and our warnings appear to not be heeded “again”. This is mainly due (I believe) to the fact that those big corporations currently getting money to protect critical infrastructure just really don’t know what they are doing anymore as their approach to classical security no longer applies in the real world of those attacks we are seeing.
I won’t name those companies because this is not about bashing people its about protecting them. Back on topic our predictions ring truth to power as a German News outlet posted information that we informed multiple agencies that this was happened and that it would be used at a time of OP KRAKEN’s choosing to inflict the most damage.
Read an example of what this group is doing here:

This post has a few goals, first making the reader aware why we are so passionate about getting people to work with us (because we care) about security and people. Yes a company has to make money but it’s because you hire people and continuously train and invest time into them so that they help protect society and customers, partners.

Another is that you should trust me because I have dedicated myself to protecting critical infrastructure, people, cultures and nations and am continuously surprised that people don’t trust honesty and the truth in this day and age anymore when I as a security researcher seemingly get pushed aside by supporters of big flashy cyber companies with old and invalid approaches who are trusted more than the dedicated and passionate person who dedicates his life and company to help people. I simply have an issue with lies, money grabbing companies that don’t provide any real tangible cyber security value.

This is part of the problem of why more and more companies are getting successfully breached. The facts are all here in the internet, full of millions of accounts that have been pwnd (stolen) and posted for points on various forums. The way we and you believe in security is no longer valid, we need to change this, or we will never get back into our normal modes again. We should be focused on building things, achieve our dreams and helping each other be happy, not live in constant fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Criminal copyright infringement concept with faceless hooded male person, low key red and blue lit image and digital glitch effect


We can change this type of attack from being successful by starting to realize that the situation of Hybrid Warfare is prevalent, that social media is being used as a weapon, and that only companies that have the correct focus on using better methodologies and techniques than their would be attackers can and do actually work.

We also need to recognize that there is a chance of detecting espionage and warfare attacks and more importantly locked down systems only if we use a new approach to security, training security personnel and also adopting a least trust model built into every security system we have that is considered critical infrastructure.

As we do all this and Hakdefnet can help with all of that due to our unique focus on these areas the last few years (where everyone else seems to think old still works…) we can help you get back on track with focusing on life instead of being the next tag line in a row of attacks that seek to destabilize the EU and any other Democratic institutions around the world such as NATO, USA, etc.

Its really time to act as the only thing we will gain by inaction is a loss of every freedom we hold dear, every outlet that calls to logic and research attacked for “fake news” and the very way of life we believe in being distorted and destroyed by totalitarian interests in stifling debate, compassion and hope. We need to focus on identifying those posters all over social media and elsewhere for what they truly are, propaganda slingers, not real people.

A key point in defense is that we MUST realize that we are in the middle of a Global Cyber War, if you don’t believe me just see what propaganda is going on on ALL social media outlets, online forums and attack posts on pastebin, ghostbin, etc. These activities are ramping up as Russia, China and others start to feel the pressure of global push back against rampant espionage technologies built into every product they manufacture and sell at much cheaper prices than others because they want to compromise global systems, supply chains and get the leadership on society influencing cyber weapons the likes of which no one has ever seen before or thought imaginable.

In addition to sanctions and other trade war tactics that are starting to show cracks in their economic armor (and showing those in ours as well). IT’S TIME TO ACT…. We need to be continuously vigilant and stay focused that we simply have no more options left except to fight this “war” until either all technology and practices are monitored for espionage / warfare activities that are pushed down to a minimum or we risk starting the very last war that will bring back the dark-ages. At any rate we MUST build up defenses or risk losing everything. That’s not something that will happen on my watch, but I can not do this alone. I need your help. The ball is in your court. null

How to take action and your next steps:

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