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True Cost of Software Errors

Today we have a real cost of lack of software quality and testing work in regards to costs and it’s not pretty. The crash from Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Jet has now had two incidents which appear to be caused by software issues and although we are not entirely sure if this was the reason, it may have been at least a contributing factor in them.

This is a failure of multiple stages, processes and procedures during the software development phase as well as testing and QA has had devastating effects on the lives of hundreds of families. 157 people one one flight and 189 on another died as a result of this failure in processes and procedures that are responsible for anti stall operations due to the planes complex balancing needs and structure.

Many companies don’t want to test software during development because it takes so long so they either wait until the end and as a result of that also don’t want to make the process more complex with security (sometimes forgetting vital tests due to time constraints), but in this case of those two 737 Max 8 crashes exactly this approach to testing and taking some more time, might have caught those errors and saved the lives of more than 346 people! If we calculate how much damage that is in human life alone the costs of doing the right development and testing would have easily been justified. But saving costs literally killed these people if the errors were in software

Security, quality and testing are vital and important functions in every company, these are the reasons why we teach this to every cyber analyst that gets even our basic certification, but its not about us, its about making sure THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

We can catch errors in software by using the time to test, add verification procedures and retesting in more realistic scenarios and using realistic use-cases. These are some of the vital things we teach all our students because we care, it makes sense and can literally save someone’s life. Its also based on how I as a pilot went through my emergency checklist to make sure if I crashed, I only got myself hurt and not those around me.

Visit and today and help us save lives!

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