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FaceTime Terrorism

For the longest time (almost forever it seems) Apple was seen and celebrated as one of the most secure phone and tablet manufacturers in the current computer world. How many times where we told how our privacy and data protection was the most important aspect that drives Apple? This all seems to be destroyed within the blink of an eye in what most of us thought might be a long time coming but didn’t have enough evidence to prove….. until now…… It’s as if you get punched in the gut only to realize how much the fools we are believing an entire industry of security charlatans and dishonest greedy technical companies that supposedly value “our” privacy.

FaceTime a major part of all apple devices and once touted as Apples integrated messaging and telephone app now seems to be the best espionage tool ever made. A previously unpublished bug enables attackers with an easy combination of actions to start calls with unsuspecting victims that does not show up on the victims phone, iPad or Mac Books, PCs. This “bug” or rather espionage tool is the perfect way to circumvent what was supposed to be the most secure mainstream OS.

This bug leaves a bittersweet and sour taste in my mouth as I wonder how long this was actually known and how many people have incurred damages as a result of unwarranted and illegal spying on their discussions and violates people’s privacy just as bad if not worse than Google’s exploits. We see that not one of the single mainstream OS’s (Microsoft, Apple or Google) can manage to create a secure Eco-System and OS that actually respects peoples rights to privacy and protects their data. One can only imagine how big the damage is by this reckless and illegal behavior. Alas we see Apple lies worse than all the rest, sad, very sad and disturbing, disappointing. SO now the question is how much in damages do we all get? What was taken from us and how does Apple prove this didn’t happen?

HDN’s Cyber Risk Intelligence Unit has found signs that some intelligence agencies are working on compromising Apples ICloud infrastructure. Once completed this will give them access to your entire online Apple life, Apple is not the only target in this espionage campaign however. The days of trusting your smart device are finally over, its time to wake up and trust no one anymore. Sad but necessary.

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