Teaching Security Best Practices

After Mike, our CEO, spent half of his life in the security space, he realized that many things were wrong and that the way we teach security no longer works. As he gained experience in many types of security technology and architecture out there, he realized that it was time to finally get a balance in this industry between investment, value and knowledge.

This passion for teaching and security is in our DNA. We love passing on the knowledge that we have gained through many previous mentors, who have taught us effective ways to continuously learn, let go of ego and help others, without expecting anything in return.

Zen Security looks to people of the security community and business to teach the listeners about security topics and adds value through more than 45 years of experience through the founders in this space.
We focus on lessons learned, best practices integration, security products and services from the top 500 cyber security companies globally.

Podcasts / Webinars / Trainings / Events

Zen Security publishes Podcasts at least once a month and also on special occasions, when critical and high risks have been found and when, in some cases, they were successfully exploited.
We are interested in sharing that knowledge and discussing those incidents with you, as well as with our invited and standard speakers to the show.

We do continuous research with partners like Risk.Intel.com and the HDN Cyber Intelligence Academy to add value to the greater community. All of this without ego, as the ego and non-acceptance that we have personally seen and experienced is a no go for us and totally against our code of ethics.

We don’t judge, but rather embrace every aspect of Diversity and Inclusion in all areas.
Many people in the security community have voiced horror stories of how they were shamed for their orientations, that does not happen with us. Just like in IntSec, we will uphold and defend any person’s privacy and respect, following a code of conduct, if that person does the same.

We encourage events and speaking spaces for beginners and shy folks. This is something that we hope more people will use and join us in the security research space, if they have challenges presenting in front of people. We can do this!

Among the people who work with us are certified trainers, seasoned mentors and experiences coaches.