Risk Intelligence Platform Engine

We offer a mature cyber threat / risk management intelligence service – which includes the components/service elements within a standard framework.

  1. Asset Management (What are we protecting, where is it, who owns it)?
  2. Threat Management (What Threats are out there and how are they relevant to me)?
  3. Risk Management (What threats pose a Risk to your assets, in which countries or locations)?
  4. Forensics / Prediction / Data Science (collecting evidence about what happens, where, how through whom and why).
  5. Research (using skills to detect, find and analyze attacks and defenses. Learn from attacks and defenses, predict possible trends and new clusters of threats and risks in the future).
  6. Actionable Intelligence (using all modern science and information collection procedures possible while remaining easy to understand and digestible).
  7. Use that intelligence to detect, deter and fix issues that those risks seek to exploit with our Cyber Analyst as a Service offering.

You may wonder how risk intelligence gathering with in-built real-time analysis can work. Here are a few examples.