What is Risk Intelligence?

Risk Intelligence is part of a strategic security approach. It enables organizations and individuals to learn about the risks they are facing before those turn into immediate threats. Due to gathering valuable information, also called actionable intelligence, there is more time to either prevent these risks turning into threats or, if that is not possible for some reason, to build respective preventive measures.

Our Risk Intelligence finds and detects threats and risks that standard anti-viruses and simple firewalls cannot. The latest IT and infrastructure risk research as well as continuous development go into improving out technologies constantly. Recent attacks and newer risks feed into a continuously learning system. With Risk Intelligence a multitude of common threats like blackholes, drive-by-downloads or known exploits can be detected, as well as alerting you to breached accounts and leaked credentials.

Finding new attack vectors and bringing those to your attention before they become a problem is one of the key values of any of our Risk Intelligence solutions.

There are several options to protect your business using Risk Intelligence:

1. Cyber Investigator as a Service

Finding threats on the internet has unfortunately become an easy task due to the number of bad actors and vulnerable systems that are online. The actual difficulty lies in interpreting the various risks and threats and using that data to add value. Instead of providing just the dots, a trained and certified Cyber Investigator will analyze and connect those dots and also make sure that those data points are actually meaningful to your organization. We will make sure that these data points turn into meaningful, actionable intelligence and discuss findings with appropriate staff.

2. Access to CyberNSight (Subscription)

We also offer access to our Risk Intelligence platform CyberNSight to individuals and teams who prefer to do their own analysis. CyberNSight opens up your researching capabilities when it comes to cyber risks and threats, allows worldwide easy access to otherwise complex data and reduces the time it takes to actually find risks.
Our unique analysis methods, combined with a huge database of existing risks (1.7 billion and counting) and search technology (Darknet & Clearnet) provide insights, reports and csv files.
The data gets updated constantly, and the platform (with a subscription) provides recommendations and actions based on findings, additional SOC monitoring and reporting.

3. CyberVUE

The third option to make use of our Risk Intelligence expertise is CyberVUE; a hardware appliance designed for SMBs to protect their data, information and company against unknown attacks. Our CyberVUE finds and detects vulnerabilities and risks that standard antiviruses and simple firewalls cannot.
It identifies and shows relevant risks and helps the business understand how to protect itself against new risks. The latest IT and infrastructure risk research as well as continuous development go into improving CyberVUE constantly.
It is connected to our unique Risk Intelligence Platform Engine (RIPE) CyberNSight, and the latest discoveries from HakDefNet’s Cyber Risk / Security research and development continuously go into both CyberNSight and CyberVUE. The appliance collects, classifies, analyzes, and qualifies data, so that immediate, important risks are quickly reported.

4. HakDefNet Cyber Risk Intel Academy

Trainings and Certifications

To provide you with all the knowledge needed to make the most use of the gathered Risk Intelligence data and to enable you to be confident in navigating todays threat landscape, our own HakDefNet Cyber Risk Intel Academy offers several new kinds of trainings for all skill levels.

The Cyber Intelligence Academy is focused on training the next generation of security defenders. It uses a non-ego based approach to training using extensive experience in real-life scenarios and technologies ensuring that the students not only know what is important, but also why it’s important and showing their own understanding of topics.

The Cyber Academy is based on HakDefNet’s extensive research in Cyber Espionage, Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Crime. After Students get certified they are encouraged to stay in contact with the academy to become research fellows.
Research fellows work on various research projects and reports to help the security community and the world to understand how various different types of attackers and methodologies are used to destabilize and disrupt normal interactions between people, companies, governments and cultures. The research emphasis is on stopping critical attacks that can and may result in loss of freedoms and lives.

5. Summary report

Still not convinced? Let us put together a report about the biggest risks your company or organization is facing right now for a fixed price. Please be aware that this can only be a momentary snapshot and that evaluating risks is an ongoing process.

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6. Security consultancy and additional services

If you need support in strategic security tasks ranging from designing security solutions and processes to security assessments on several levels, we are happy to provide insights enriched with knowledge from the cutting edge of the InfoSec industry.

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