CEO and Founder of Hakdefnet

Michael has worked on multiple projects globally from architecture to cyber security, working with some of the biggest fortune 50 companies and within the top 5 consulting industry. Some companies he has worked with and for include Accenture, Avanade, DELL, FSC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sophos and Symantec.

Michael is also the author of the chapter “Cyber Security: Future IT-Security Challenges for Tomorrow’s Leaders and Businesses”, and participated in an interview with IGI Global Promotions Coordinator Ann Lupold, elaborating on elevating issues in cyber security and cyber espionage, as well as the challenges that leaders and businesses face in confronting such issues. He also has written for various IT, Channel and Business publications and newspapers internationally.

Michael is certified as an ISO/IEC27001:2013 Lead Auditor and is the first cyber security trainer to ever be keynote speaker at Davos. A Liason for FBI Cyber Crimes Unit and US Secret Service (Cyber Crimes in the Finance Industry). Founder of HAKDEFNET and Auxilium Cyber Security (with recent exit).

Global Director of Security Research

Stefan is one of the few techno mages behind Hakdefnet’s latest Technical Breakthroughs in Cyber War and Espionage Detection using CyberNSight and its research. Stefan, like Mike, has a long career doing Security Audits, Reviews, Architecture and Designs with a focus around distributed systems and their security in the Supply Chain.

He has been active in IT since the mid-Eighties and focussed on strategic security since 2000.

Stefans talks at multiple conferences like BSides in London, Luxembourg or Munich, or DeepSec in Vienna. The topics focus around creating tangible security for companies and the audience. His interviews and talks add value by focusing on the soft skills as well as pain points in methods. With experience and in-depth analysis, he offers solutions that work and identifies those that don’t. Deception technology and creative ways to secure enterprises in today’s threat landscape are also things he is passionate about.


Mike: “As the CEO and Founder at Hakdefnet I put my passion, research, time, efforts, energy and love into this company, its customers, partners and our people. As a security leader we will always do the research and find a win-win solution for all our customers and partners.
If we win and someone else has to lose we didn’t do our job correctly and consistently with our core values and beliefs.

We believe in fairness, honesty and transparency. We don’t tolerate abuse of our systems or data in any way. If this is what you have been searching for in a cyber risk intelligence company and service then guess what, you are finally home and part of our global family. Its about time you came home.”

Stefan: “We are not going to solve today’s security problems with the same known methods we’ve been using all these years. Those methods weren’t overly successful back then, and in today’s landscape they are bound to fail.

While criminals collaborate, share data and exploits, large companies are still trying to find lawful ways to communicate with each other without breaking any regulation. Large-scale hacks are featured in the media, and even governments and huge companies seem to be helpless and hardly a week goes by without new breaches going public.

To stem this tide, each company and organisation will have to get a better understanding of their respective cyber risks; at least then they will have a chance to defend themselves and to act, before they are hit by an attack. I would love to see more people putting resources in better and helpful defences, because making the attackers ROI as small as possible seems to be the only way to deter them.