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What we stand for

Everyone has the right to browse the internet without getting robbed.

We at Hakdefnet are passionate about security, believing that everyone has a right to browse the internet, buy products and services, without expecting to get robbed by gangsters and nation-states that want your data and identity.

We believe the e-Economy and Internet are global human rights that help us live our lives as a free, happy, peaceful, and enlightened society. One that accepts its responsibility to help others whenever possible. We want to protect that right with our unique and passionate approach to balanced value for risk intelligence.”

“As the CEO and Founder at Hakdefnet, I put my passion, research, time, efforts, energy, and love into this company, its customers, partners, and our people. As a security leader, we will always do the research and find a win-win solution for all our customers and partners. If we win and someone else has to lose we didn’t do our job correctly and consistently with our core values and beliefs.” Mike

We believe in...




We don’t tolerate the abuse of our systems or data in any way. If this is what you have been searching for in a cyber risk intelligence company and service then guess what, you are finally home and part of our global family. It’s about time you come home.

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