FaceTime Terrorismus

Ein bisher unveröffentlichter FaceTime Bug ermöglicht es Angreifern, Ihre Gespräche ohne Ihr Wissen aufzunehmen. Weiterlesen

Simply Undetectable

As this year (2019) starts to mature we are and will see more and more attacks that target SMB’s (Small and Medium Businesses) and also larger corporations in ways that (currently) classical security teams are not prepared for. Why do I say this, is it some sales ploy or an attempt at creating fear? Actually… Weiterlesen

Datenverstoß in der Sandbox

Die letzten Tage waren gelinde gesagt interessant, der Bundestag wurde wieder einmal gehackt und niemand weiß mehr als vorher. Mit all den fake News und Berichten ist es sehr schwer zu unterscheiden, was an diesem neuen Verstoß real ist und was nicht, oder ob es wirklich ein neuer Verstoß war. Was wir beobachten, ähnelt einer… Weiterlesen

Data Breach in the Sandbox

The last few days have been interesting to say the least, the Bundestag got hacked once again and no one is the wiser. With all the “fake” news and reports its very hard to distinguish what is and isn’t real about this new breach or even if it was really a new breach. What we… Weiterlesen

Warum uns Banken ihre IT Security anvertrauen

Auf die eine oder andere Weise Geld zu verdienen iet einer der Hauptgründe, wenn nicht der Hauptgrund, für Cyber-Attacken und Cybercrime. Banken sind daher vorrangige Ziele für Cyberangreifer und müssen sich mit allen Arten von verschiedenen Risiken und Angreifen auseinandersetzen. Die Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland hat eine qualitativ hochwertige Zusammenfassung der verschiedenen Angriffsstrategien und… Weiterlesen

Risk Intelligence with Analysis in Real Time

Use cases with CyberNsight I wanted to talk about what we are doing to stop unknown malware and threats as well as risks from turning into fines for customers or worse stolen IP and or data of customers, contracts, research or any relevant value in the form of a given asset type. I said before… Weiterlesen

Docker Bug: Firewall workaround…

Published December 2018 We wanted to put out a Bug Info for newer Docker installations that interact with MongoDB. Due to changes in how Docker does its routing it and in some cases ignores IPChains and Firewall settings in certain situations that leads to your MongoDB schema and data being accessible with a MongoDB client… Weiterlesen


Published October, 2018 What’s really going on? If you are reading this, you no doubt have read most of the alerts on LoJax the latest fun tool deployed by our friends from OPERATION KRAKEN or one of its groups APT 28. Since 2015 we have been tracking various types of APTs and Nation-State based technology… Weiterlesen

Operation KRAKEN

Article date: September 2018 ~ See also: „Operation KRAKEN strikes again“ -published 4th of January 2019 The entire world is facing one of the most comprehensive espionage and disruption campaigns in its history. Throughout our research we always found separate attacks that really had us scratching our heads because we saw so many different types… Weiterlesen

Hakdefnet Expands in the USA!

We are growing! (Article from September 2018) Its been a very exciting year so far with many updates, much more data, multiple new data centers and whats more important new partners, new headquarters in the USA (East Coast) as well as strategic partnerships with the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range (AZCWR.org) University of Phoenix, CTG Intelligence,… Weiterlesen