Today Cyber Crime, Warfare and Espionage are so intertwined that many people do not know where the difference is. Based on our continuous research we find new attacks and tools every day that point to complex espionage campaigns of countries or unknown threat actors. This research helps you detect the undetectable through more comprehensive and proactive approaches to detection. As the three cybers mix together we see a convergence of threats and attack complexity. New attacks target smaller companies, stay under the radar or antivirus and avoid being detectible to reach their goal. Only informed, proactive and dynamic defenses that use all relevant information in an actionable way will be successful at detecting what is otherwise undetectable. Stay ahead of the game. Internet of Things brings more attack vectors that “cyber” crime, espionage, warfare attacks. Attackers can use IoT to break into your home or company. Protecting new technology and using proactive alerting methods makes sense when dealing with new emerging threats to new and unprotected technology. HVAC, alarms as well as utilities and IoT systems can be attacked using new malware. It is not only important to understand what type of attack and tools  are used in an attack but also who is attacking you. Traditional security training teaches older narratives about who hackers are and why they do things. Old ways of teaching security and attacker detection are no longer working. Today’s attackers are more sophisticated and complex so that you know what the typical signs and attack techniques are of today’s attacks.