Hybrid warfare is one of the most difficult threat types and risk areas to deal with simply because we are up against nation-state attackers that have financial and other resources for sustained campaigns and attacks. We see today how new malware and viruses are being used as weapons throughout the world as a means in which to achieve political as well as national interest related goals. As we analyze more attacks what becomes clear is that the line between “Cyber” Crime, Espionage and Warfare are very faded and very difficult. In order to ascertain the real reason behind many “Cyber” Crime and “Hacktivist” inspired or labeled attacks as real Cyber War or Espionage you need to do the right research into finding out what the end game really is or in the case of historic attacks (what the end game was…).

Since lines and boundaries become very blurred we see that attacks are in reality not Cyber crime but espionage and or warfare based attacks towards another nations interests and economies. This attack on others economies in turn leads to destabilization of the global “eEconomy”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.41.22 PM

The image above shows the various areas that are included in a nations use of various attack vectors to destabilize and can cause disruptions to another nation by the additional use of cyber attacks and cyber technology. 

Supply Chain Security

In addition to threats that are listed in “hybrid warfare” we also have the risks that every company faces in regards to the production lifecycle. Hybrid warfare can even target this “normal” cycle of production in order to identify “low hanging fruits” or vulnerable sub-suppliers in your supply chain. These threats can be as easy as cloud services and as complex as OEMs that manufacture parts for a car, plane or other important components that when compromised make for very nasty surprises down the road (if they are identified).

Our services and solution can also protect you against these types of attacks by alerting you when your supply chain has been comprised by an unknown attacker. 

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