Hakdefnet has been around for some time, the reason why you may not have heard of me and Hakdefnet is because you may not be involved in security research or the security community. I have been around the security block and have worked with some of the biggest Banks, Insurances, Industrial Companies, Services and Government Institutions. Working on worldwide projects and implementing most security technologies has shown me which solutions work, which ones don’t work and what companies really need in order to defend themselves against the really though attackers and attacks.

We believe in using technology and risk as well as threat intelligence for DEFENSIVE purposes. Cyber defense has changed and so everyone MUST have an understanding of how offensive technology works in order to protect themselves against nation-state sponsored cyber crime, espionage and warfare (because the lines are very thin between espionage and crime nowadays). When you can identify what attack is which, then you can use that information i.e. IOC or Indicators Of Compromise) to defend yourself, your data and your company against unlawful attacks.

Hakdefnet’s Focus areas are:

  1. Creating Actionable Risk Intelligence (identify threats and risks to you)
  2. Academic & Commercial Research on Cyber Security, Threat and Risk Intelligence (understand how attacks are done so you can identify them)
  3. Automated Network Defense and Detection (CyberInsight, CyberVue)
  4. Critical Infrastructure Protection and Assessments (Financial, National, International, etc.)
  5. Training the next generation of  cyber researchers and defenders (warriors)
  6. Building value adding threat, risk and information feeds for SMB’s, VIPs and larger Corporations (how are attacks relevant to me)
  7. Implementing Security Technology and Solutions that really work and provide value (identify, protect, defend)

The focus areas above are constantly updated with the latest and most relevant technologies and solutions. Very often we create the solutions because they don’t exist.


Some of the areas I am involved in are:

  • Security Research (Cyber Crime, Espionage & Warfare)
  • Business Executive Security Training (ITIL, Security, Cyber Defense and Offense, ISO)
  • Malware and Virus detection and analysis (how malware has evolved and changed)
  • Speaker at Security Conferences (Cyber Security, Industrial, Academic, LEA, International Gov.)
  • Author IGI-Global (International Business / Economics and Cyber Security)
  • Davos Speaker (IoT, Cyber Espionage and Warfare influence on the eEconomy)

Details can be found @ LinkedIn